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Working at Tagvenue

Our culture

We love working here

  • When you join a startup you don’t really know what to expect. For a person with 10 years of experience in the design field, it’s like jumping into the rabbit hole. The jump I made over 3 years ago was the best decision I’ve done in my career! In Tagvenue, I’ve found everything I craved for as a UX Designer: well-established User-Centered Design process, focus on quality, data-driven decisions, strong learning culture, and lots of friendly people eager to help you build great products. Everyone in the team is open-minded (including the founders!) and happy to adopt good ideas. I love the ability to shape and tailor our processes and products to make them work smoothly and efficiently. You can literally influence anything in the company to make it a better place for everyone.

    Mikołaj Pastuszko

    Senior UX Designer

  • Tagvenue is the first place I ever had a chance to work at, that rather than focusing on documents stating what someone may be able to do, is assessing our abilities/talents that can help the company. It’s very refreshing and I have never grown so much in a year at any workplace before. Tagvenue focuses on learning, finding people's best qualities, and maximizing them. In addition, it has a friendly (and with a good sense of humor) work environment so everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas. Choosing Tagvenue was one of the best decisions I ever made.

    Monika Lip-Rataj

    Publishing Team Leader

  • This is the first job in my adult life and I can’t imagine a better way to kick off my career than at Tagvenue! I’ve learned more than I could have ever predicted and I’ll be forever grateful for that. I had a chance to grow in my field, reflect on my skills as well as support other teams when they needed an extra hand. This way I got to develop my marketing skills and also met many people in the company. Speaking of people – my colleagues are not only smart but also friendly and hilarious. I keep being inspired by their bright ideas and hard work every day. I’ve been working here for over a year now and what a journey it’s been! I can’t wait for what the future at Tagvenue has in store for me!

    Ola Bielińska

    Junior Marketing Specialist

  • I was a very well suit-up corpo employee, working 10 hours per day, with all my ideas killed by my managers because they weren’t on the guidelines that arrived from the HQ in Germany. Than a life changer idea: moving from Italy to Poland. After one year at Tagvenue I’m still super happy to come to the office by bike because it’s in the city centre, enjoy my “cafecito” with my colleagues before starting to work and be challenged every day to give my best and to push my limits to the next level. I don’t have my own team, but my role permitted me to work almost with every person in Tagvenue. I have the smartest colleagues I’ve ever had, everyday I’m “stealing” some of their skills, learning something new that I could use for my next business project.

    Federico Roccatagliata

    London Market Manager

  • I have had the opportunity of working at Tagvenue for 4 months now as a Team Leader and it has been an absolute pleasure. I work with some of the friendliest and most hard working people that support each others development and are passionate about the growth of the company. The company culture truly fosters a unique environment, where coworkers encourage, challenge and empower each other to reach our goals. Tagvenue is a fantastic place to develop your skills and be a part of a team that values you.

    Natalia Kaczmarek

    Customer Operations Team Leader

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