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  • What I like about our company is that people around me are eager to learn - about agile, business, technology. Engineers have close relation with product people that shape the Tagvenue platform and it works so well! I'm very happy equally with the technology stack (PHP7, MySql, Elasticsearch, Docker, AWS, Redis, Fluentd, Varnish, Terraform) and Continous Integration that shapes every day work making TDD first class citizen.

    Dawid Widyna

    Senior Backend Developer

  • I started working at Tagvenue immediately after finishing my first year of psychology studies. Thanks to the flexibility of working hours, I can combine the university with my professional career. By the time I graduate, I will have 3+ years of experience working in an international startup. I’m constantly learning a lot and I love the multicultural environment!

    Kalina Tyrkiel

    Marketing Specialist

  • What I like at Tagvenue is that we follow many best practices. We do Continuous Deployment, so we don't have branches and every developer does 1-2 automated deployments daily. We write tests first and they are ran parallelized in the cloud in 5 minutes. It takes 10 minutes to create new production-like test environment. We limit WIP and minimize cycle times. What is more we put a lot of effort into learning and improving how we work so I can guarantee that you will grow here massively!

    Konrad Otrębski

    Senior Backend Developer

  • I was a very well suit-up corpo employee, working 10 hours per day, with all my ideas killed by my managers because they weren’t on the guidelines that arrived from the HQ in Germany. Than a life changer idea: moving from Italy to Poland. After one year at Tagvenue I’m still super happy to come to the office by bike because it’s in the city centre, enjoy my “cafecito” with my colleagues before starting to work and be challenged every day to give my best and to push my limits to the next level. I don’t have my own team, but my role permitted me to work almost with every person in Tagvenue. I have the smartest colleagues I’ve ever had, everyday I’m “stealing” some of their skills, learning something new that I could use for my next business project.

    Federico Roccatagliata

    London Market Manager

  • I love the fact that everyone’s opinion here matters. You can be the most junior and new joiner, but if your idea is better than the CEO’s one, we go for it, for the best of the company. I joined the company without having any experience in working in a startup environment.

    Gaspard Benoit

    UX Designer

  • If you work for Tagvenue you will work with the team which is eager to learn new things, new technologies, the team which embrace the changes. Tagvenue as a company is constantly growing what makes the maintenance and development very challenging and rewarding. In daily work, we utilize TDD, CR, CI and many other XP methods.

    Piotr Kmiecik

    Backend Developer

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